What to Bring on Your Fishing Trip

fishing equipment

Going fishing is not just about selecting the perfect rig (although that is important). It is also about the other things you bring with you. More often than not, a fishing trip takes several hours. That means there are a lot of things you want to bring with you. These include food, water, bug spray, clothing and whatever else you think you might need. However, spending several hours in the wild without those four basic things is not going to be an enjoyable experience.

Clothe is probably the most obvious thing you’re going to need. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to go fishing in the nude. That brings too many challenges to mention, so certainly you’re wearing clothes, but are you wearing the right clothes? Checking the weather before you leave your home should give you a hint of what you need to bring along. Seeing as the perfect weather for a fishing trip is an overcast sky you probably want to bring lots of warm clothing. Spending many hours in nature you definitely don’t want to be freezing your butt off. Moreover, make sure the clothing you wear is water resistant. If you’re actually getting into the water, a good set of waders are imperative. You want to make sure you stay dry and warm.

Another thing you can do to stay warm is bringing hot water. With hot water, you can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. I can say from personal experience that few things taste better than a cup of hot coffee while you’re fishing. Fishing simply brings another dimension to drinking coffee. However, it is important that you also bring cold drinking water. It seems odd that bringing water is important, but seeing as you’re dressed to stay warm and dry, as mentioned earlier, it is important that you also have enough water to stay hydrated.

The next thing you will want to bring along is food. You need something to keep you energized during the entire trip. A good lunch can really add something special to the day, but be sure to also bring snacks that are handy to eat while you’re fishing. With the right clothing, water and food, you’re almost good to go. Just one more thing you’ll want to bring.

Bug spray. A lot of bugs live near streams and other bodies of water. Most annoyingly mosquitoes. If you want to make sure the day isn’t ruined by you having to wave your arms like a mad-man to fend off bugs you should bring a good bug spray. It will help you keep the pesky little critters at bay. Trust me on the bug spray!

While the actual fishing equipment is obviously very important there is a ton of other things you need to bring to make your day out the best it can be. You need the right clothing. You need water, and you need food. The bug spray is essential to keeping bugs away too. Without these things, what was supposed to be an enjoyable day out can turn into an exercise in misery.

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