Maintaining Your Fishing Equipment

Maintaining fishing equipment

So, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on the best equipment on the market. Even so, when you go fishing you find it’s turned into a bundle of knots, or that it breaks. Why is that? Is it because it wasn’t worth the money, you paid for it? That’s one possibility. However, there is another very likely possibility. That is that you didn’t maintain it probably. Let me put it this way, would you get a Ferrari and let it rust? I don’t think so. Your fishing equipment needs to be maintained just like any other piece of equipment you have. Some of the things you need to do are ensure that you clean it up once you get home. You also need to look at the line and the spin rig. And finally, you need to make sure it is stored in the optimum possible conditions. After this article, I hope you know more about keeping your equipment in the best possible condition.

Nobody likes cleaning. However, that doesn’t change the importance of doing so. A clean rig is a healthy rig. As boring as it sounds you need to clean your rig as soon as you get home. The conditions you are using it in can be very harmful. Obviously good rigs are created to withstand the conditions they are used in as best they can. However, if you think about those conditions, you will find they are very harmful to just about anything. If you’re doing saltwater fishing, you’re exposing your equipment to one of the most corrosive substances on the planet. If you’re fishing in streams, there is a good chance your rig can get in contact with branches and other things that can be harmful. The dirt and salt you see on the rig when you get home need to be removed to keep it healthy.

If you’ve gone fishing only to find your line a bundle of knots, you haven’t maintained it probably. There are many reasons the line does that. One important reason is that you’re using the wrong type of spindle for your line, or rather, the incorrect line for your spindle. That doesn’t have much to do about maintenance as it does about making the right decision when setting up the rig. However, sometimes knots occur even if you’re using the correct line for your spindle. Why is that? Well, dirt and damage to the line itself will cause it to turn to knots. The importance of looking through your line when you get home from your fishing trip should not be underestimated.

When you’re done cleaning your rig, you need to store it in the optimal condition. The manufacturer will probably be able to tell you about the perfect condition for your specific rig. However, as a rule of thumb, keeping it in a dark and dry place is a good bet.

Why waste thousands of dollars on a rig if you’re not going to maintain it? A bit of maintenance will, in fact, save you a lot of money over the long term.









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