Different Styles of Fishing

Fishing styles

Fishing is a great outdoor activity. However, there are many distinctive types of fishing you can do. Each type of fishing come with its own set of challenges. The different types of fishing we’ll discuss in this article are fly fishing, deep-sea fishing, catch and release and fishing in small streams. As mentioned each of these types comes with their own sets of challenges and by the end of the article, I hope you have a better idea which one is best for you.

Let’s start with what many consider the king of fishing: fly fishing. Like any other type of fishing, a lot depends on your rig. For fly fishing, you need to make sure you’re using the right rig. You should look for a spindle and a line that is optimally suited for fly fishing. Although there are some commonalities, you do need to consider the type of water you’re fishing in. If you’re fly-fishing in larger streams, you need to make sure your rig can handle the pressure.

Another type of fishing that will most likely require a heavy-duty rig is deep-sea fishing. For that, you also need a boat. Although the vessel is outside the scope of this article, I can tell you the best idea, if you’re new to this, is to look for a chartered boat that takes groups of anglers’ fishing. This way, you get to share your experiences with others and learn from more experienced fishers. This is also the type of fishing where you’re most likely to get a big catch.

An entirely different type of fishing is the catch and release. In catch and release, you’re not fishing to keep your catch. You’re doing it for the fun of it and simply to have a good time. It’s important your rig is set up to allow for quick release of your catch. In this type of fishing, you need to consider the safety of your fish above all else. Bringing in your catch takes its toll on the fish. You need to minimize the time you spend playing the fish, and you need to have your release equipment on hand.

Small streams can also be fished. They usually require very light rigs. The challenges are a lot different than they are in heavier streams and deeper waters. Agility and flexibility are key components of the rig you need.

As you can tell there are many types of fishing. This article has only covered four of them, but there are many more. Which one is best suited for you depend on what you want from your fishing trip? If you want an extreme challenge fly fishing or deep-sea fishing could be just what you’re looking for. If you’re mainly looking for a light-hearted time out in nature catch and release or fishing in small streams could be better suited for you. One thing they have in common is that the equipment you use should be specialized for the task at hand. Don’t buy into the thought that you can have one all purpose rig.

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